Community Health

Community Health

The community health plan on the cards includes:

Primary Care: The Community Health Department is keen on providing primary care to the community around the Chittoor campus. This will be along the service area of the College of Nursing. Instead of duplicating the services, we would like to explore the possibilities of working with the government. Based on earlier discussions with the Deputy Director of Health Services of Chittoor district, the priority areas would be maternal health services for high-risk pregnant women, growth monitoring, nutrition and screening, and treatment for non-communicable diseases.

Training: A public health Nodal Training Centre will be established for training various levels of health professionals - district trainers, doctors from the governmental system, public health nurses, ASHA workers and all government field health functionaries, including community level volunteers, on the latest developments in Primary Healthcare. Training for medical officers can be on various aspects: Field epidemiology (data collection, validation), monitoring and evaluation of health programs, basic statistics, analysis of data and interpretation, basic clinical management protocols etc. Health Information System: CMC can help refine the existing health information system of Chittoor district.

Water and Sanitation: Proposals for checking water contamination levels and the extent of diarrhoea, instituting various models of water purification and so on, have been submitted to the local government and are awaiting approval. A training programme for anaesthesia technicians and laboratory technicians, that has been granted the necessary approvals, is to commence in the next three months. Adequate accessory services for ensuring patient and patient relatives' comfort have been initiated, including a canteen and a provision store.

Community Health and Outreach Development: Collaborative Plans between: Community health, CMC, CONCH, Vellore and the Chitter district administration

  1. Training and Collaboration centre with the Andhra Pradesh Government
    • Primary, secondary and tertiary care of pregnant women
    • Child growth and development
    • Setting up private pubic partnership in Tuberculosis
    • Reproductive health especially, RTI and STI
    • Diarrhoea and ARI management
  2. Help government of AP to set up an model health information system at the district.
    • Determine various sources of health information.
    • To set up a system of collecting information from multiple sources.
    • To set up an efficient electronic data gathering and collection system.
    • To set up analysis package to provide relevant information to the district level officials for management purposes
  3. To look at providing clean drinking water as a priority
    • Look conduct an ecological study
    • Institute various models of water purification
    • Evaluate various outputs